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A Photo Journal: 36 Hours in Vienna

Vienna, Austria has been on the top of every list for best Christmas markets in Europe, and I can confirm!

Every open square around this sparkling city is adorned in green Christmas wreaths, dazzling lights, and rising steam from freshly mulled wine.

We essentially had a day in a half in Vienna this time around, and our main agenda was to marvel at all the different Christmas markets.

Not only is Vienna one of the cleanest cities in all of Europe (I almost considered eating something I had dropped on the sidewalk... almost...), it is one of the prettiest.

During the month of December, the city is transformed into a festive winter wonderland with different Christmas light installations adorning every street.

We basically made our way eating around the city, stopping at each market to devour more spätzle, pumpkin soup, pretzels, and typical Austrian sausages. Plus, plenty of mulled wine.

We love Austria, and we'd love to explore more of the countryside and the amazing Alps next time!


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