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A Photo Journal: Autumn in Copenhagen

Our 48 hours in Copenhagen were filled with (shocking) blue skies and sunshine for late October - though it absolutely DUMPED rain the day we left for the airport.

You wouldn't believe the amount of Danes riding their bikes to work each morning in fancy, stylish pea-coats. Literally hundreds. I felt properly underdressed walking around the city, even in my leather boots and rain jacket :)

Nyhavn is Copenhagen's most colorful and iconic site. It was previously a working port that housed ships from all over the world.

Many ships will bring many sailors, and word has it that Nyhavn's iconic colors were put in place to help these drunken seamen distinguish one pub or hotel from the next!

Now, you'll likely hear soft jazz as you stroll the promenade. It also makes an excellent spot to sip a coffee in the morning or grab a drink in the evening.

As a fall-obsessive, I so enjoyed the city's festivity for the season. Pumpkins and fall colors are my favorite 😍


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