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Our trip to Mexico was definitely not an "on the go" or "adventure" trip. We came with the intent to do absolutely nothing. And it was amazing.

Mexico is a great option for those in the southwest United States because it's a relatively quick flight, and it's inexpensive to visit. We stayed at the immaculate Villa La Estancia Resort & Spa.

Our suite was bigger than our actual home, the service was prompt and friendly, and the views and location were ideal. One thing to note if you stay here, is that they do not offer wifi in the rooms. It is available in public places (such as down by the pool), but it forced you to put down your phone and truly escape to this paradise.

Believe it or not, we came in August. August?! I had many eyebrows raised when we told friends and families where we were going? Really, Mexico in August? Won't it be unbearably hot? Isn't it the rainy season?

But wait! Yes, it was hot and humid (mid 90's - not unbearable in my opinion). And yes, it would rain for an hour every evening while we ate dinner and watched an amazing storm. But we came for the sun, the heat... to lounge by a pool and dip in the refreshing water when we needed to cool down. It was perfect.

But the best part? Not only was our resort on the beach, but it was low tourist season. Honestly, there may have been five other people in the entire resort while we were there. That meant no crowds, no lines, quick service for pool-side food and drinks :), and the entire pool and beach basically to ourselves.

We did venture out to a neighboring small town, Bucerías, for some more amazing food (of course) and ocean-front views. The resort was kind enough to arrange for transportation and restaurant reservations.

Overall, our quick trip to Riviera Nayarit was exactly what we had hoped for: relaxing, indulgent, quiet... thanks to going in August! ;) Try it out!


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